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BuyProxies works great with: Twitter, Scrapebox, Xrumer, SEnukeX, GSA SER, Ticketmaster, Nike, Hulu…

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Overall Rating  (95%)

Price (Excellent) 100%
Features (Excellent) 95%
Reliability (Excellent) 100%
Speed (Excellent) 90%
Customer Support(Excellent) 90%

Quick Summary

Reliability 100%

Getting on the Net is easy but the problem then becomes doing what you want without being watched, spammed, and blocked by government censors. You can reach any venue or niche market on the web. In addition, this is where a proxy can help you maintain your anonymity, keeping your activities untraceable, and lets you get around firewalls and other forms of barriers that prevent access to the content you want to view. is one of the best in providing you with proxies and through their services, you can have total freedom to conduct your business on the net without interference and without being monitored or traced back to your IP address.

You have one of the top-rated providers of Proxy services in the nation. This means you have service connectivity and unprecedented anonymous access to the Cloud that lets you send a mass mailing with ease and blast social media with millions of update messages without fear of being blocked or banned in the process.

This article will give you an overview of their services and what they can offer you, which will make using the Net once more a rewarding experience and you can surf the entire Net with impunity and do so without fear of censorship or monitoring of your activities.

You can read the results in this BuyProxies review.

Pricing and Features

Price 100%

Pricing & Plans

Depending on the size of your business you can order anywhere from 5 to 100 “Dedicated proxies” This is usually enough for small to medium enterprises (SMEs). The pricing is variable, runs from $10, and goes up gradually to $150 dollars monthly.

You also get a number of subnets as well. This too is variable and goes from 2 subnets at the low end and max out at 6 subnets if you have 100 proxies.

In the “Semi-dedicated proxy” arena, you can go up to 200 proxies and the cost for 200 only costs you $140 dollars a month.

The third type of proxy you can purchase is the “Ticketmaster” proxy and you have 3 tiers of service with 50, 100, and topping out at 200. The pricing runs you from $150, $300 to $600 dollars a month and you get access from 10, 15, and 30 locations respectfully.

So, you see you can start small and expand you online presence in easily manageable chunks and your costs only go up in minuscule amounts for the number of proxies you have available.

The true beauty of this is you get a new selection of proxies each month, which further obfuscates your activities and prevents patterns of traffic and use from being mapped back to you.


  • Protocol Proxies:HTTP/HTTPS
  • Multiple IP Subnets
  • Fresh IPs Monthly
  • Instant setup
  • No setup fees
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 99,99% Up time
  • Fast Servers: 1Gbps
  • 24/7 Maniac support
  • 3 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Works great with: Twitter, Scrapebox, Xrumer, SEnukeX, GSA SER, Ticketmaster, Nike, Hulu…

BuyProxies Speed & Bandwidth

Speed 90%

Your speed of access is only limited by your hardware and your physical connectivity. The speed they use takes advantage of the highest rates available and 100 MBPs is the norm. As to your Bandwidth traffic flow, the answer to that is that the sky is the limit and they do not place any limits on your bandwidth needs and amount of traffic you are generating.

This all means that should you be conducting a Direct Mail Campaign you will be able to reach all of your targeted niches in record time and there will be no appreciable delays in you content reaching its intended audience.

If you are data mining, you can be sure you are gathering the maximum amount of information and there is no limiting the amount of material being transferred in either direction. So, your clients will receive their data dumps in full, in a timely manner, and with no data loss.

Knowledge is power and your customers will get the full value of the services you offer and you, yourself will never face delays in your acquisition of data as well. You will be able to harvest a massive mailing list and be able to continually keep thousands of subscribers in the loop with what is happening with your products those who follow your goings on.

With, you are assured of unfettered access and the maximum in traffic flow rates possible with true data, fidelity no losses of information and lost connections.

The difference between Dedicated Proxies & Semi Dedicated Proxies

Most people prefer Dedicated Proxies, as they never know when they may have to alter their messaging to their client base or change the theme or thrust of a marketing campaign. So you have complete and total control of your block of proxies and they are available 24X7 for your use alone.

With Semi-Dedicated Proxies when you are not using your proxies, their URLs are released by others in the pool of users that uses a particular proxy or range of proxies.

You would see that much of a degradation of your output as it is all time shared at computer speeds that let you almost get the same amount of traffic out, except during peak hours of Net access.

So, while there are differences (such as price) you can still get max coverage for your clients and subscribers.

BuyProxies works great with:

If you need to send mass updates to your social media outlets and use the services of vendors like Scrapebox that lets you, harvest links in unlimited quantities all anonymously and quickly.

You can grab YouTube videos in any numbers you desire and post the same equally as fast. You can run up a site’s ranking in the Search Engine stat game. Post massive mailings along with having an RSS Empire second to none. All of this is made even more successful as it all flows through a proxy seamlessly and without a hitch or allowing trackback and as you get a new list of proxies each month.

Your traffic arrives with virtually 100% delivery guaranteed with no blocking from the Search Engine filtering algorithms.

SenukeX, which is also a seamless entity, which will support. This combination gives you true power in your SEO marketing plans and needs.

For example, you can set up your Social media updates, schedule them in advance, and then walk away and take a vacation and be sure everything will run smoothly without any intervention by you during the whole time you are away.

This take your SEO to new heights in sophistication and your posts will rock the social Media World and it all runs undetectable and can’t be traced back to you or your IP address or be penalized by Google, Bing, and the Other Search Engines.

But what about Twitter?

Tweetattacks becomes even more powerful for posting scheduled updates to your Twitter environment. You run thousands of Twitter accounts that follow, unfollow, and tweet to raise you to the pinnacle of Social Media supremacy. augments your use of this system and gives you the edge over those who do not.

Just think of it full automation of thousands of Twitter accounts that you control with no hassles and once set up is simple to modify and runs by itself for months at a time to let you do what you want or do best in the meantime.

The only drawback is that you have to run through Windows. But with this caveat understood, you have a massively powerful system to leverage Twitter to your marketing needs.

Simple to implement, both run seamlessly together, and changes can be made on the fly with ease. You also have a very stable environment that wouldn’t crash or fail you when you need it most. Along with that, your security and you anonymous operation are a given and you can fly under the radar of a Search Engine’s anti-SEO protocols and banning policies.

You can maximize your penetration of Social Media and do it all without mussing your hair or lifting a finger after both and Tweetattacks are working together to boost your Brand Recognition and sales. Coupon & Money Back Guarantee

BuyProxies do not provide any online coupon codes, discount voucher codes, online promotion codes, or any other codes for that matter. Believe of their client support as the discount you get.

So you can try out one of the best proxy providers bar none and get in on the action for less. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and if for any reason, you’re not happy you can get a refund of all your money back no questions asked.

As one of the top 4 Proxy providers in the US, they have little to fear in this regard as they have one of the best rating scorecards in the business.


Support 90% has one concern and that is your total satisfaction with their services. To further enhance your satisfaction you have live service personnel, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and on all holidays as well.

You will always be able to connect with support through their dedicated support system. Open a ticket with your problem and customer information and in a blink of an eye, you’ll get the help you need. You can also be assured you will have a support person who wouldn’t rest until your problem or questions are resolved.

Their turnaround time is quick and their Techs actually know what’s what.

They have Proxy Servers in over 10 countries and when they say that’s not a monster under your bed but a proxy server, believe them. You have access from anywhere on Earth and no firewall stands between you and your subscribers or targeted niche market!

BuyProxies Review Conclusion

Overall rating 95%

We liked:

  • Lightning fast response from the web
  • Customer support is always ready to help you with a problem or answer a question
  • The Proxy Plans are set up with everyone in mind and at a reasonable price
  • Unlimited access and Bandwidth
  • My speed and time to get an answer to my queries are super-fast
  • My Direct Mail Campaigns (DMCs) have all netted me the results I have wanted
  • Conversion Rates are up and orders are piling in
  • Traffic is up 30%
  • Support is awesome
  • My content reaches its destinations and the Search Engines don’t raise a ruckus
  • They have servers everywhere
  • I never have a problem connecting
  • No broken connections and transfer speeds are as fast as the Net will allow
  • I tried some of the other Proxy providers and none of them can touch for service and quality of product as well
  • They pump money into the bottom line and not siphon it out
  • They don’t keep me waiting when I need help
  • Throughput is great I did a 2.0 million blast and not a peep from any of the Net watchdogs
  • My Campaign is booming and doesn’t look gloomy or show signs of running out of steam

Some drawbacks:

  • Working with Tweetattacks requires windows or a windows environment running
  • Would like more SEO Platforms supported
  • I want an Apple compatible Tweetattacks/ combination gets high marks from the Internet community that wants to get their marketing traffic to their clients both new and old.

They offer a variety of services in a range of selections that dovetail in with your needs and marketing targets. They are compatible and work seamlessly with a variety of SEO Marketing Platforms. These same platform providers give glowing testimonials and recommend’s services to their customers.

They also have an excellent support that is always there to answer questions and help you with a problem or how to accomplish your goals.

Pricing is flexible and one of the best available today and starts at only $10 dollars a month.

But their greatest claim to fame is that they let you do your business without interference from firewalls, government censorship, and provides you with a totally anonymous way to exploit the web.

So when it’s all said and done you have one of the top rated proxy providers in the country who will work with you as a team to market you products and services.

You can see what others say about and after trying them for free yourself, you’ll better understand why they got where they are today.

You too can be part of this community like-minded entrepreneurs today by clicking here.

Alternatives for BuyProxies

  • Works great with: Google, Facebook, MySpace, Live, Twitter, Scrapebox, SeNuke, Sick Submitter, General crawling, scraping.

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MyPrivateProxy works great with: Twitter, Facebook, Scrapebox, Bookmarkwiz, Senuke, Sick Submitter.

test host


Works great with:

  • Use: Instagram, CraigsList, Google, Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Live, Amazon, Ticketmaster, SEO etc…
  • Software: TweetAdder, TweetAttacksPro, Scrapebox, SeNuke, Sick Submitter, Bookmarkwiz, Xgram or any other software that supports HTTP/HTTPS Proxies.

test host


Works great with:

  • Social Media: Amazon, Google, Youtube, Facebook, MySpace, Live, Twitter, Instagram, Ticketmaster, Craigslist.
  • Software: Scrapebox, SeNuke, Sick Submitter, Scraping TweetAdder, TweetAttacksPro, Bookmarkwiz, Xgram, Conquerchrome, General Crawling, Scraping or any other software that supports HTTP/HTTPS Proxies.

BuyProxies Review is one of the best in providing you with proxies and through their services.

Buyproxies works great with: Twitter, Scrapebox, Xrumer, SEnukeX, GSA SER, Ticketmaster, Nike, Hulu…

Buy now
$ 2.00 per proxy

Buy now
$ 2.00 per proxy

BuyProxies works great with: Twitter, Scrapebox, Xrumer, SEnukeX, GSA SER, Ticketmaster, Nike, Hulu…

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