MyPrivateProxy Review

MyPrivateProxy works great with: Twitter, Facebook, Scrapebox, Bookmarkwiz, Senuke, Sick Submitter.

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Overall Rating  (95%)

Price (Excellent) 100%
Features (Excellent) 95%
Reliability (Excellent) 100%
Speed (Excellent) 90%
Customer Support(Excellent) 90%

Quick Summary

Reliability 100%

Anonymity is becoming increasingly important to individuals online, and with good reason. It is getting easier and easier to expose someone online, and many people want the opportunity to be their authentic selves on the Internet in a way that is more difficult in the physical world, making it that much more important for people to find ways to protect their identities online. MyPrivateProxy can help the people of today with this part of the process.

People who are interested in Internet marketing will have a hard time finding better tools than MyPrivateProxy. This is a set of tools that will really allow people to maximize what they are able to post online for many reasons. Lots of websites are going to limit the activity of potential users for various reasons. Some websites are impossible to access in different parts of the world as well. With MyPrivateProxy, Internet users are going to be able to post Craigslist ads from any location if that is what they want. They will be able to use social media marketing tools to their fullest as well.

MyPrivateProxy has managed to score very high ratings when it comes to the speed of the proxies involved and the performance of the proxies. It should also be noted that the service has managed to excel at providing customer service for a lot of its users. The consumer base for this service is in the process of expanding at present, which is only going to help more people realize the benefits of getting multiple web proxies. The fact that people can get multiple web proxies through this service is also going to make a huge difference when it comes to their overall experience. The proxies are completely private, so people will be able to post everything and perform all of their web activities with the sort of safety and anonymity that is very rare to find these days.

It should also be noted that the proxies are very easy to use. People are not going to need to have a high degree of technical knowledge in order to make full use of them. This is a service for the people who had the technical skill in order to find them in the first place, and they don’t need to be experts in all of the fine details otherwise. This is a service that was designed to make things much safer and easier for the people who were trying to use it. No one is going to have to learn entirely new additional skills in order to make use of all of their web proxies here. They will be on their way to making full use of them soon after them have made the initial fairly minor payments in the right direction.

It should be noted that more and more people are going to be making use of items like these in their attempts at Internet marketing. The individuals who do not try to use them now are going to find themselves in competition with the people that will use them. Soon enough, the competition might be steep enough that more people will consider services like this.

You can read the results in this MyPrivateProxy review.

Pricing and Features

Price 100%

The pricing for MyPrivateProxy is going to vary according to how many proxies customers want to be able to use. One proxie is only going to cost people 2.49 dollars. However, this proxy is not going to give people the advantage of going through multiple subnets and cities, so some people aren’t going to consider getting just one proxy worth it even if the price is so low compared to the price of purchasing multiple proxies.

Purchasing only a total of five proxies is more than enough to give people the benefit of multiple cities and subnets, so they can get the full advantage of everything that MyPrivateProxy has to offer on that basis alone. Purchasing five proxies is only going to run people 12.15 dollars, so the increase in price should not constitute a prohibitively high expense for anyone.

People can usually purchase a maximum of two hundred proxies. This is going to run them around 343.95 dollars, making it the most expensive deal that anyone is going to be able to get through MyPrivateProxy. For many people, this deal is going to be cost-effective, given everything that they’re going to be able to do with all of those different web proxies.

The difference between one proxy and two hundred proxies is so strong that it might seem hopeless to compare them. Only the people who are doing an extremely high level of web activity and who are extremely prolific are going to need to worry about getting a staggering two hundred web proxies. Most people are going to be able to make do with the much smaller packages that are on offer today.

Getting ten proxies is going to be a good number for the people who are fairly prolific online but not to an extreme extent, and buying ten proxies through this service is going to cost people 23.70 dollars. Getting twenty web proxies is going to cost them 44.20 dollars. Fifty web proxies is going to cost around 87.50 dollars. One hundred web proxies is going to cost 174.95 dollars.

The more web proxies that people buy, the more they are going to add to their final price tag. However, users are going to be able to purchase plenty of web proxies for a very low amount of money. The individuals who are able to afford the most expensive web proxies will be able to afford them in the first place, since few people are going to need that many unless they have some high-end, complicated business or set of businesses. Some people are going to be able to benefit from being able to manage multiple accounts on certain sites without a suspension, and they will be able to get all of the proxies that they will need for that purpose easily through MyPrivateProxy.

As long as people are purchasing at least five proxies, they are going to be able to get the benefit of multiple cities and subnets. The subnets are connected to around 58,000 IPs, and that is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.


  • Protocol:HTTP/HTTPS
  • Multiple IP Subnets
  • Monthly randomize
  • Instant setup
  • No setup fees
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 24/7 Support
  • Fast Servers: 1Gbps

Speed & Bandwidth

Speed 90%

People will be able to get unlimited bandwidth thanks to MyPrivateProxy. As such, they’re not going to run into many of the usual limitations when it comes to proxies. Individuals who are trying to accomplish a lot of high-level marketing tasks thanks to MyPrivateProxy are going to be able to do so effectively without running into a lot of basic bandwidth limitations.

The Proxies by

In terms of specifications, the proxies available through are going to be located at 56 dedicated XEON servers with 1,000 Mpbps internet connections and 8GB RAM. As such, they’re going to be stable and reliable web proxies that are up-to-date. Customers will be able to get dedicated http/https private proxy packages and shared private proxy packages, which should certainly keep their options open when it comes to deciding what is going to be best for them. Scrapebox proxies and ticketmaster proxies are great choices.

MyPrivateProxy works great with:

MyPrivateProxy works great with Ticketmaster, among other things. However, this service manages to be great for Internet marketers because it manages to work so well with SEO tools like Bookmarkwiz, Scrapebox, Answer Assault, Sick Submitter, SenukeX, and ZennoPoster. Internet marketers are also going to be able to use social media websites and websites like Craigslist with much more efficiency thanks to all of the different web proxies they can use. They aren’t going to have to worry about guarding their information on that website to the same extent, and they’re going to manage to use websites like Twitter and Facebook to their fullest extent.

Free Trial & Money Back Guarantee

One of the other great things about MyPrivateProxy is the simple fact that people are going to be able to avoid taking any major risks with it. There is a guarantee that MyPrivateProxy is going to work, given how confident that the creators really are that the service is going to be effective for the majority of users. There is essentially a trial period when it comes to using MyPrivateProxy, since the people who are not satisfied with what it has to offer are going to be able to get a full refund on everything that they have spent after three days. The trial period is fairly short, but it should still give people enough time to decide whether or not MyPrivateProxy is going to be worth it for them.

MyPrivateProxy Coupon Discount

Thanks to the MyPrivateProxy coupon, getting multiple proxies should be even more cost-effective for a lot of people. They will be able to receive a recurring discount of around ten percent in the process, which is going to make purchasing large numbers of proxies particularly favorable for them. People who are only purchasing a narrow number of web proxies are barely going to have to pay anything if they are able to secure this particular discount.

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Support 90%

The reaction to the customer service from MyPrivateProxy has mostly been favorable. The support staff is usually not going to reply right away, although some people are going to find themselves getting lucky in that regard. Usually, they can expect to receive a response in around three hours. At the worst of times, they’re going to receive a response in around ten to twelve hours or so.

However, for the most part, people are not going to have to wait for the customer support staff to catch up with them. The customer support staff at MyPrivateProxy is skilled and knowledgeable, so they’re still going to be able to respond to the customer queries effectively. Their help is going to be worth the wait, whether it arrives right away or whether it takes several hours.

MyPrivateProxy Review Conclusion

Overall rating 95%

MyPrivateProxy is a fantastic service. People aren’t taking any real risk by participating in it, because they’re going to have the opportunity to get a complete refund following the three-day trial period. Buying only one proxy is extremely inexpensive, and buying several others isn’t going to cost anyone all that much money either. As such, the decision is going to be cost-effective for the majority of the people who try it. They’re not going to have to worry about having made the wrong decision in most cases.


MyPrivateProxy is well-known for the fact that all of the proxies that it offers are going to be very reliable, fast, and secure. The individuals who got this service in order to protect their identities will be able to do so effectively. No one is going to spend a lot of money in order to get the web proxies unless they buy a very large number of them. Even getting five proxies is going to put people in a highly advantageous situation, and the package with five proxies is very inexpensive. The MyPrivateProxy coupon is only going to make the entire package that much more cost-effective. Almost any MyPrivateProxy review that people are going to find online is going to be positive for a reason.


Some people would say that the customer service available at MyPrivateProxy is not as good as it could be, which is going to be a problem for many individuals. In an age of LiveChat functions and features, many people expect the customer support staff to be available to them nearly all day and every day, which is going to make things highly inconvenient for some of the customers who are more or less operating under the assumption that MyPrivateProxy is going to work in that way for them.

However, some people don’t mind waiting three days for help when it comes to customer service. Since this is a service that should not run into too many problems in the first place, most people aren’t going to need such urgent customer service in the first place, which should soften all potential blows.

Alternatives for MyPrivateProxy

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MyPrivateProxy Review

MyPrivateProxy works great with: Twitter, Facebook, Scrapebox, Bookmarkwiz, Senuke, Sick Submitter.

Buy now
$ 2.49 per proxy

Buy now
$ 2.49 per proxy

MyPrivateProxy works great with: Twitter, Facebook, Scrapebox, Bookmarkwiz, Senuke, Sick Submitter.

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