SquidProxies Review

SquidProxies works great with: Google, Facebook, MySpace, Live, Twitter, Scrapebox, SeNuke, Sick Submitter, General crawling, scraping.

Only $ 2.40 per proxy

Overall Rating  (94%)

Price (Excellent) 95%
Features (Excellent) 95%
Reliability (Excellent) 100%
Speed (Excellent) 90%
Customer Support(Excellent) 90%

Quick Summary

Reliability 100%

SquidProxies is a website that provides users with great servers to protect a user’s privacy on the Internet. If you are considering surfing the web with total and compete secrecy, SquidProxies is the thing just for you. SquidProxies has made a name for itself by providing its users with access to the web anonymously. The proxy server hides the user’s IP address and gives you security by keeping you anonymous. SquidProxies servers allow the customer to visit countless websites without worrying about their IPs address safety. A user is also able to access prohibited websites in their area. All a customer needs to do is choose the type of proxy they need – SquidProxies provides private proxies as well as shared proxies to webmasters for a monthly fee. The proxies can be used to wipe search engine results or access websites from behind the firewalls.

SquidProxies has great reviews when it comes to the customer service provided as well as the great features it provides. It offers the cheapest prices in the current market and the shortest setup time. SquidProxies was recently rated number one on Google for the best private proxies due to its fast servers that provide great speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps that ensure the user does not encounter any bottlenecks while surfing the web. After a thorough search, the SquidProxies reviews determine that the services provided are top notch.

You can read the results in this SquidProxies review.

Pricing and Features

Price 95%

squidproxies price

Pricing & Plans

The prices for SquidProxies.com depend on certain variables such as the type and number of proxies you require.

The prices for private proxies range from USD 0.75 to USD 2.40 per proxy. The monthly costs can range from USD 24 to USD 1,500 depending on the package chosen. Every package comprises of multiple subnets, web mailing, multiple cities, non-sequential IPS, unlimited bandwidth, and fast speeds.

The prices for shared proxies are also determined by the package you choose. Prices per proxy range from USD 0.42 to USD 1.00. The prices range from USD 100 to USD 650 per month. The user will have access to all the above mentioned features as well.

A customer can make payments via PayPal or 2Checkout. SquidProxies.com urges the customers to provide accurate credit card information for easier transactions. The information required includes the card number, the card issuer, the expiration date, and the card security/ card verification value. The company starts delivering the service immediately after they receive payment from the customer.


Unlike other companies that offer a variety of services, SquidProxies concentrates on providing the best services for the two proxies it offers (Private and Shared). The features provided ensure that the customers gets great value for their money. These features include:

  • Unlimited bandwidth usage. SquidProxies provide the support of unlimited bandwidth usage to the user
  • Fast Speed. With speeds of 1000 Mbps, the servers support fast speeds worldwide
  • High secrecy. SquidProxies helps the user hide their IP and location and thus can surf the web anonymously
  • Multiple IP subnets. SquidProxies offers multiple IP subnets across major cities in the states.
  • Web mailing compatibility. It supports 100% compatibility with all browsers (Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail)
  •  Year-round availability. It provides round the clock, all year availability for easy access
  • Easy Setup. SquidProxies allow for instant setup
  • Affordable prices. The prices offered are highly competitive and the best in the market
  • No configuration. The only configuration required from the user are the IP and port number in your browser

SquidProxies Speed & Bandwidth

Speed 90%

SquidProxies.com does not have any bandwidth restrictions. It provides its customers with unlimited bandwidth usage.

Shared Proxies vs Private Proxies

Each proxy, be it private of shared, provides the user with unique features. The more features available to you, the more security the server will avail for you. A private proxy provides many features such as anonymous IP address, no advertisements, unlimited bandwidth, very fast servers, no configurations, and numerous IP subnets.

Shared proxies provides numerous features such as the latest IPs monthly, 100% compatibility, great access, customer support, and non sequential IPs, all at affordable prices.

SquidProxies works great with:

squidproxies featured software

SquidProxies services allow for anonymous articles (anonymous proxy servers, free anonymous surfing, and anonymous proxies), unblocks articles (unblock sites, free proxy, and public proxy), proxy server articles (Bypass proxy server, web proxy server, and public proxy servers), proxy articles (free proxy, setup a secure proxy, and proxies sites), and IP articles (web Proxy, proxy scripts, and Find IP address). SquidProxies works great with social networking sites and emails. The servers can be used to unblock social media sites and unblock hidden articles or users. These proxies are perfect for social media marketing and YouTube as well. Some web activities allowed include SeNuke, TweetAttacks, Webmail, and Scrapebox.

However, the SquidProxies use policy does not allow for the following web activities: Child pornography activities, Malware distribution, Spamming, Distributed denial of service (DDoS), Excessive connections, Phishing, Stalking, Bullying, Hacking, Impersonations

In case a user is suspected to be participating in any of the mentioned activities, the company sends a notification and waits for a response. If none is received, the company reserves the right to terminate the proxy service without further notice.


Support 90%

In case a customer has a query or a problem with their proxy, they can submit a trouble ticket. The ticket is submitted through the support page on the company’s website. Other customer support services provided include the FAQ’s section on the website and the recurring announcements posted online. A customer can also make a presales inquiry as well as place a new order through the support page. SquidPrxoxies.com provides high-end service to their users and is available for any queries, which can be submitted via email, the support page on their website, or via phone.

SquidProxies Review Conclusion

Overall rating 94%

SquidProxies provide the best proxies for every SEO and internet marketer. The proxy servers provided are the best there is in the market. SquidProxies provide fast internet browsing at very affordable prices. Because it protects your IP address, and does not allow the website to access your private information, the user does not experience slow internet browsing or delays during browsing.

The security provided to the user by SquidProxies servers is top notch. You do not have to worry about leaving a profile behind when using these proxy servers. Your identity will be secured at a very low cost. If and when a customer wants to improve or add on to their security, other services are available at an extra fee.

Both proxies provided (private proxies and shared proxies) give all the benefits stated above. You can visit the website to purchase the type of proxy you require for the security of your IP address and other sort of confidential information you wish not to reveal.

It is recommended for a customer to purchase these proxies directly from SquidProxies.com as opposed to other websites that are not affiliated with SquidProxies. If you get the servers from websites not affiliated with SquidProxies, you will not receive any of the benefits/ services mentioned above. It is recommended to ensure you get these proxies straight from SquidProxies or from other websites that are connected to SquidProxies.com

In case of any queries, SquidProxies can be reached by leaving a message on their website. After review, a customer service agent will respond to your queries in a timely manner and resolve any problems you might be having with your proxy.

When it comes to protecting your identity online, this is no longer just a trick achievable by computer geeks. SquidProxies allow you to surf the net anonymously. The prices mentioned above are easy to attain per month with private proxies ranging from USD 0.75 to USD 2.40 per proxy and shared proxies’ prices ranging from USD 0.42 to USD 1.00 per proxy. Users can get a refund if they are not satisfied with the product or in case of any proxy problems within 3 days of purchasing any proxy package. Customers have the added benefit of requesting for new proxies every month. Furthermore, SquidProxies.com does not have any set restrictions on their customers bandwidth use.

We liked:

There are countless of benefits you get from SquidProxies servers. Some of these benefits include:

  1. SquidProxies give the user a wide variety of proxy IPs. This allows the user to easily hide their true address. A user does not need to worry about leaving a trail after visiting any website once you use the IPs that you will receive after purchase.
  2. Your internet browsing will be much faster. This is because every website you visit will not get your information first before opening the website. IP addresses that are not protected by proxy servers make browsing slower due to the process the website goes through to retrieve your information and configure the webpage on your screen. By using SquidProxies, internet browsing will not only be faster but also easier. The website is not able to find your internet browsing details, apart from the fake one you will receive after purchase. Remember to store your browsing details to enjoy fast internet browsing
  3. SquidProxies provides proxies that are easy to afford. The prices set per proxy are very affordable. Compared to other proxies that provide alternative IPs, SquidProxies are the most affordable in the market. The prices set for the proxies allow the user to be able to buy more features for better security.
  4. You do not need to provide your username and password for you to use your proxy server. This adds for greater security.

Some drawbacks:

As we are all aware, every product has some disadvantages. SquidProxies servers have great benefits but they are not without some setbacks here and there. However, most of these cons are easily fixable. Some of the disadvantages include:

  1. It is not possible to get all the features in one purchase. A customer has to get them one by one, which can deem to be very time consuming.
  2. A user does not need to register for the setup of the proxies. However, you have to log in before you can use the website platform. To enjoy the services and features of the website, a user has to first create an account.
  3. Since all your information is transferred to your proxy server, the risk of sharing your confidential information is very likely. In case this happens, there is a high chance that other people can take advantage of this and use this information for their own gains. However, this can be easily resolved. All you have to do is find a reliable source that you can use to secure your information. For you to be able to do this, you will need to get the proxy IPs from its original source and not from others. By doing so, this will give you the assurance you need to know that your personal information will not be shared with anyone without your approval.
  4. SquidProxies does not provide live support.

Alternatives for SquidProxies

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MyPrivateProxy works great with: Twitter, Facebook, Scrapebox, Bookmarkwiz, Senuke, Sick Submitter.

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Works great with:

  • Use: Instagram, CraigsList, Google, Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Live, Amazon, Ticketmaster, SEO etc…
  • Software: TweetAdder, TweetAttacksPro, Scrapebox, SeNuke, Sick Submitter, Bookmarkwiz, Xgram or any other software that supports HTTP/HTTPS Proxies.

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Works great with:

  • Social Media: Amazon, Google, Youtube, Facebook, MySpace, Live, Twitter, Instagram, Ticketmaster, Craigslist.
  • Software: Scrapebox, SeNuke, Sick Submitter, Scraping TweetAdder, TweetAttacksPro, Bookmarkwiz, Xgram, Conquerchrome, General Crawling, Scraping or any other software that supports HTTP/HTTPS Proxies.

SquidProxies Review

SquidProxies works great with: Google, Facebook, MySpace, Live, Twitter, Scrapebox, SeNuke, Sick Submitter, General crawling, scraping.

Buy now
$ 2.40 per proxy

Only $ 2.40 per proxy

SquidProxies works great with: Google, Facebook, MySpace, Live, Twitter, Scrapebox, SeNuke, Sick Submitter, General crawling, scraping.

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