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  • BitTorrent, Unblock Any Website


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Overall Rating  (94%)

Price (Excellent) 90%
Features (Excellent) 90%
Reliability (Excellent) 100%
Speed (Excellent) 95%
Customer Support(Excellent) 95%

Quick Summary

Reliability 100%

There is a much simpler and proper strategy to download using platforms such as BitTorrent and at the same time browse the web anonymously with no chance of any individuals sniffing out your data packets. This simple strategy entails procuring one of the countless and affordable packages offered at for your unique web browsing needs. It is important to know that when using download platforms such torrent and Vuze, it is inherent that you use an application such as Torguard to mask your IP. Failure to do so and some malicious web users might join the torrent network and sniff out your IP address and even monitor your data usage, two aspects of information that you need protected when browsing the web. For this reason, this type of anonymous proxy applications will help mitigate such type of complications by completely disguising your IP address to provide you with the ultimate online anonymity.

The proxy server acts in the same as a gateway. The users have complete control over the proxy settings that only affects your downloads or perhaps any other program that supports the Socks5 proxies. The proxy can only provide IP masking to a single application at any given time. So, when a user downloads or browses the web, all the traffic is directed to an anonymous proxy server and directly to your client computer. As a result, no other network peers in the torrent swarm can sniff out your IP, but rather the I.P address of the Torguard proxy server. When using the torrent proxy, a user gets all the benefits of torrenting along with the proxy server.

In the past, just using primary peer blocking applications that were able to filter out particular IP addressed by using preset lists to monitor your activity was sufficient security for your unique needs. Unfortunately, marked upswings in technology have made it inherent that all web browsers require a stronger defense system. The torguard anonymous software calibrates your torrent client settings to mask your IP address with a simple click of a button. All your activity is rerouted through the countless anonymous proxy servers that keep no activity logs for additional anonymity. The added benefit is that users can enjoy unlimited download and bandwidth speeds from while simultaneously acquiring protection for personal information from other web users.

More importantly, TorGuard offers live support to all its users through a live chat platform or perhaps a telephone line that is available 24/7 to address the user’s unique needs. The application also offers sufficient versatility in that it is usable on many platforms including windows, ios, and even Android. Along with the free 30-day trial and money back guarantee, users can test this application and select the package that best accommodates their budget and BitTorrent proxy requirements. The user interface has reduced clutter and is simple enough such that even novice users can navigate without difficulties. The affordable packages along with the coupon also mean that users can save up on extra cash while still enjoying the best of what TorGuard has to offer.

You can read the results in this TorGuard review.

Pricing and Features

Price 90%

Pricing & Plans

All the package pricing and characteristics of any of TorGuard`s service packages are clearly available on their domain website. While some users can access the service packages at a recurring discount, there are no swindle charges and the payment procedure is very transparent for the user to see. All a user needs to do is to link their select the appropriate service package and proceed to connect their unique user account to the payment account. Once the payment is complete, the user receives a valid payment recent that documents all the charges and the specific package name they settled for their needs.

The Torguard anonymous proxy package offers comprehensive services for several affordable yearly packages including $5.95 for the monthly, $14.95 for the quarterly, $29.95 for the semi-annually and $46.95 for the annual packages. Some of the other notable features of settling for this particular package include:

Anonymous Proxy IP- the IP address is a unique combination of numbers that can be used to identify your unique digital fingerprint. It is important to know that while conventional web access tools do not have sufficient features to mask your IP address from other web users. However, Torguard allows users to prevent peers from identifying your data traffic or perhaps determining your location by using your unique IP address. It is important to know that conventional browsing methods don’t have appropriate anonymous proxy IP services, so anyone can be able to sniff you out by using some simple techniques. For this reason, Torguard is designed to help

Unblock any website- for those who have ever tried to open a website only to be denied access due to their browsing location or some unclear reasons, then the anonymous browsing package is the ultimate solution for your needs. Aside from being an excellent BitTorrent proxy, Torguar also allows users to unblock almost any website that would have conventionally been restricted access due to unnecessary regulations. For instance, in some countries, the government blocks services such as Facebook and other sites. However, just by using the torguard anonymous proxy package, users can be able to open the sites without worry peer tracing or criminal action.

Anonymous downloads- just by using the Torguard anonymous download package, users can complete all their downloads without anyone noticing your download activities. In fact, users can stop snooping peers, hackers, employers or even Internet Services Providers from monitoring any of your online activities. For instance, some countries that block users from accessing torrent and even have a criminal action for those that use such type of downloading platform. However, just by torguard anonymous proxy users can now complete all their downloads without restrictions and with sufficient peace of mind.

Easy proxy setup- if the above features are not enough of an incentive, then the natural proxy setup procedure should be sufficient. provides users with the excellent proxy services based on their extensive knowledge of download platforms such as BitTorrent, Vuze, and torrent. The user account sections have reduced clutter and are simple to navigate along with being highly functional- users will find this sort of feature pleasant to use. More so, the complete FAQ section provides additional insight into their repertoire of services. The Torguard also has regular updates and security and privacy news updates for all its users.

Http/SSL plus SOCKS5 proxy- for those who are not aware, the socks5, is a top-quality circumvention tool that allows traffic to bypass internet filtering frameworks to access content that is conventionally blocked e.g. by workplaces, governments, and country-specific web services. More so, the HTTP/SSL Proxy not only provides additional security but offers versatility across myriad forms of platforms. Some of the common platforms include windows, android and Ios.

Up to five connections allowed simultaneously- for users who need anonymous proxy services on several devices, you will appreciate knowing that torguard enables users to connect up to five devices with one single unique account. More so, those who want to share their service package with other users, who need the same anonymous proxy services, you can also share the unique account that you have made payments and registered.

200+ IPS in over eight countries- Torguard users are spoilt for choice with up to 200 IPs to choose from in up to eight countries. The robust torguard browsing interface is robust yet simple to use, which is considered a paragon of user-friendly software development. As a result, Torguard users can navigate the program with ease. As a consequence, all your personal details and information are protected from any malicious activities or data sniffing by other institutions who put unnecessary blockages for download and browsing activities.

Dynamic payment options- users will appreciate knowing that Torguard allows for different types of payment procedures for added versatility. For instance, some of the standard payment platforms available on the site include PayPal, Visa Card, Alipay, Paysafe card and subway amongst many others.


  • Protocol: SOCKS5, HTTP
  • x5 Simultaneous Connections Allowed
  • 200+ Proxy IP’s in 8+ Countries
  • 100% Anonymous Bittorrent
  • Works on Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Torrents / P2P Allowed / No Logs
  • Unlimited Speeds + Bandwidth
  • 24/7 Support

TorGuard Speed & Bandwidth

Speed 95%

It is important that when you are searching for the excellent Anonymous proxy service that you evaluate their average bandwidth and networks speeds for your unique needs. More so, since each user download necessities and bandwidth consumptions vary, the given service providers should lay down the appropriate frameworks to ensure all pages load without delay and downloads complete in the shortest time possible. For this reason, Torguard VPN provides its users with unlimited speed and bandwidth that helps bypass conventional blockages set up by institutions such as schools and governments. The speed and bandwidth are not limited in any way. All the servers at Torguard come with a gigabit + port speed so that download rates average from 1ombps to 100mbps+ depending on your internet connection speed. Aside from your connection speed, the CPU speed, server load and the distance from you to the location you are connecting also come into play.

TorGuard works great with:

Torguard anonymous proxy is designed to be versatile enough for BitTorrent proxies, μTorrent proxies, Facebook and web browsing services. More so, the software is easy to install on any of the conventional operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Ios, and Android. The applications can be used on any platform such as mobile devices or even laptop computers.

Free Trial & Money Back Guarantee

The users of the anonymous platform will appreciate the free trial and 30-day money back guarantee if they are not satisfied with the services of the proxy. In this particular way, prospective users can analyze the particular browsing package that will best accommodate their BitTorrent downloading and browsing requirements.

TorGuard Coupon Discount

For users who want a 20% discount for every unique package that they procure at torguard, a coupon code is available. Unlike conventional service providers that have poor coupon offers or at times even lack coupon tickets for their users, Torguard allows users to access with 20% recurring discount coupon: AnonymousVPN. Always remember to have the coupon code with you to be able to access the recurring discount- otherwise, you will be charged for any other standard Torguard user.


Support 95%

The added benefits of settling for the services of Torguard are that the staff members are available to address any of your unique concerns when you need them the most. For instance, if you have any queries into their repertoire of services, then you can give them a call at their designated service line for assistance. More so, when you visit their domain website, you will gain access to a unique chat interface that allows you to consult with a service member in real-time. Unlike conventional service providers that require users to wait for days before receiving the appropriate response, torguard are always available when you need them the most. More so, the support service is offered at free of charge and 24/7. Additionally, the staff members are working tirelessly to ensure that all your rights as web browser have adequate protection from malicious activities and unnecessary restrictions. Users can also file a support ticket for additional support needs. Useful setup guides are also available in the account user interface, along with supplementary information provided in the Knowledgebase section. The inclusion of an open forum that allows users to share ideas on experiences or perhaps challenges experienced.

TorGuard Review Conclusion

Overall rating 94%

Overall, when taken together, Torguard is a worthwhile suggestion for your anonymous downloading and web browsing needs. The anonymous package is not only affordable, but it is also comprehensive enough to accommodate your basic needs. The program is simple to set-up such that even novice users can acquire sufficient protection with the just a click of a button. Further lending to their professional services, is the fact that the support staff is always available 24/7 on the phone or the chat platform when you need them the most. Torguard also provides practical payment options so users can able to make payments with the platform that they are most comfortable with for your needs. Those who are lucky to discover torguard package will evolve their online download and browsing regime.

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TorGuard Review

Works great with: BitTorrent, Unblock Any Website

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